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Below are our Hall of Fame inductees and their interviews.  Any stakeholder (adopter, client, donor, foster, volunteer, rescue pet) is elligible to be inducted to our Hall of Fame.  Come back often to visit this page as we will be featuring interviews and stories of future and past Hall of Fame inductees.
Hall of Fame_2015-December
August 26, 2016 Breaking News
Hall of Fame_Jill TV News Story

We’d like to take this opportunity to recognize one of our very special volunteers, without whom our organization literally could not exist.  Jill has faithfully been there on a weekly basis to love and care for the felines in our Petco Cat Habitat for almost two years now.   She’s been a lifelong friend to many animals, volunteering with local shelters as well as working for several kennels and as a groomer.  She and her husband Dave stay busy caring for their two young children, Ashlyn and John, as well as their four rescue pets (2 dogs and 2 cats).    Jill kindly answered a series of questions about volunteering that reflect not only the impact she’s had, but her compassion and deep commitment as well:

Q:     How did you first become involved with our organization?

A:  Jill said that she liked the idea of a no-kill organization so she would no longer worry about the fate of the animals she is caring for.  She now has the comfort of knowing that if cats aren’t adopted during their stay at the Habitat, they return to their foster home.

Q:   If you could change one thing about the Animal Welfare situation in Montgomery County what would it be? 

 A:  Jill replied that she would like to see more and better TNR (Trap/Neuter/Release) programs for feral cats that prefer life on the wild side.

 Q:  What has surprised you the most about volunteering in the Animal Welfare field?

 A:  Jill has seen a number of new volunteers come and go before they even get started (and not just in our  organization).   Often people fail to realize the amount of time and work required even after training.  Sure, you get to love and play with the animals, but true caring also means cleaning the entire Habitat including the litter boxes!

Q:  What would you tell someone who is considering volunteering with our organization?

A:   Jill stressed the need to make a commitment and be willing to follow through with some real work.  The idea may sound more glamorous than the reality—some “sweat” and training is involved if you want to make a real difference in the lives of homeless rescue pets. 

Q:  Why did you decide to volunteer at our Adoptable Cat Habitat?

Jill said that it not only helps save the lives of more rescue pets, but her love of animals and the time she spends volunteering can actually be a stress reliever!

Q:  What might someone be surprised to know about her?

A:  Considering the reason for this interview it was a LOL moment as Jill replied "I do not like a lot of attention".  

We concluded that this must be a common trait of the very best volunteers since their gifts are given so selflessly.   We therefore apologize for bringing some unwanted attention your way, but THANK YOU JILL for sharing your love that saves more lives!!!  

Hall of Fame_Jill Cats watching TV News Story

HOT OFF THE PRESS:  HABITAT CATS BREAKOUT AFTER CLOSING SO THEY CAN WATCH THE 10:00 P.M. NEWS ON THE TV IN THE BREAKROOM.  ALL HAVE BEEN RETURNED SAFE AND SOUND TO THE HABITAT.  When asked why they would do such a thing they told us they just could not miss seeing their faithful friend Jill on the news.

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