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Thank you for visiting our website and your interest in our rescue pets.  Please sign our guest book and if you register on our site and give us your email address we will put you on our email Newsletter list so you can keep up with all of our news, upcomming events and some great pet tips.

Message From: Tiff and John September 10, 2020
We found you guys via a cutie called Jazzpurr at petco that we are hoping to adopt. I'm glad you guys help out animals and try so hard to find them homes. They all deserve the best life

Message From: Maggie May 15, 2020
I adopted Mazie from you and I'm so thankful for you helping me find her! She is the most special dog and I love her so much :)

Message From: Pam/Mike November 3, 2018
Just lost our 14 yr old male tuxedo cat to cancer last week. We found the perfect cat today at your Petco location in Conroe. His name is Sammy. Just filled our the adoption papers. Hope everything goes good and we have our sweet boy soon.

Message From: Audrey Gruber (Mugsy's Mom) May 4, 2017
We brought home Mugsy on January 7th of this year and now we can't imagine our lives without him. We worried at first that our other furry baby, Chloe, a frenchie, wouldn't like it too much. It took her a little while to get use to him, but Mugsy's sweet temperament made it hard for Chloe not to like him. We still have our days sometimes, but it has pushed us to become better parents! Mugsy has learned how to walk on a leash without pulling, we have almost mastered the loose leash walking! He loves to be outdoors, loves to chase his big sister and really loves to tease her! We are working on teaching both of them to play gently. For them, it's all in good fun. They love their dog trainer and we are so blessed to have found her. She has taught us so much and our little furry kiddos are so thankful for the insight she has given us. They also love that she introduced us to that 4lb lamb loaf log! We are so happy to have found Mugsy and so thankful that Chris and the other volunteers at Pets Snap of M.C. took such good care of him. It actually broke my heart the day we pulled out of Petco because it was clear that Mugsy loved Chris and was sad he had to leave her. When we were filling out the paperwork I watched how she handled him and how he loved to sit perfectly on her lap, like a little Meerkat! He still loves to sit like that, which cracks me up, as well as eat his food in his crate... Some things just don't need to be changed. He also loves to sleep underneath the covers. All the way under, head and all. At first, I would keep trying to lift the covers up over his head because I was so scared he wouldn't be able to breathe, but he would always end burrowing down even further. So now, we just laugh as we all get in bed and Mugsy nudges at the covers with his nose telling us to let him under. Mugsy, our little meerkat, has added so much joy into our lives. We are so thankful for all the volunteers at Montgomery County Pets Snap for making it happen!!! Thank you!!! Kevin, Audrey, Chloe & Mugsy Gruber

Message From: Monica (Loki's Mom) February 15, 2015
I thank you guys so much for helping us find our baby boy, Loki. He has filled our home and our hearts with love since the moment we brought him through the door. Every morning he climbs into bed with my husband and I, and he helps wake us up! He's the sweetest kitty! He also LOVES to play fetch with my hair ties lol - who has a cat that plays fetch?! Once again, thank you for taking in this beautiful kitty and helping him find his forever home. We're infinitely grateful that you guys take the time to do this. You not only help animals find homes, but you help people find family. -John, Monica, and Loki (:

Message From: Nick & Karen December 4, 2013
We are hoping soo much that that cute and adorable "Baby Face" is still available for adoption

Message From: Carol M November 8, 2013
We are so thankful we found SPCA PETS SNAP, where we found Penny, Min Pin she is our adopted child, we also have Partner an 8 yr old Min Pin and they are becoming aquainted with one another, and doing well.

Message From: J Walshj June 4, 2013
Met some of the foster people at PETCO in Conroe. Such a great way to care for animals. We're looking for a companion for our ShiTzu and shink Peppy would suit him.

Message From: sanjay November 23, 2012
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Message From: Victor August 7, 2012
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Message From: Christina April 2, 2012
Thank you foster families! Our Belle is a welcome member of our family! She's over 12 now and going strong thanks to the love you gave her early on! Mixed breed makes them so strong!

Message From: Darrell Wright October 11, 2011
Am Interested In Buckie. Beautiful dog

Message From: John Durfey September 16, 2011
Thanks for the good work that you do. I just made a donation.

Message From: Veronica September 5, 2011
I adopted my dog, a pomeranian named Maggie, from the SPCA of Montgomery County in January 2004. I don't know why I never signed this guestbook before, but I just wanted to take the time to say THANK YOU for bringing Maggie into my life and my husband's life. Maggie is now 9 years old and doing amazingly well. She is such a loving, loyal, awesome dog, and we're lucky to have her.

Message From: mary scheps January 2, 2011
I have found a young yellow lab neutered male, 12/31, on hwy 105 in Montgomery. Please post somewhere; I couldn't figure out where.

Message From: Christi September 9, 2010
Hi everyone we are letting everyone know that Joker, aka Poppie, is doing great. She goes to all the dog parks and plays in the ponds. She has a swimming pool which she shares with her Boston sister Riley. Riley still however wears Joker out all the time. She sleeping in the bed every night and sits on the couch with me. Most of the time she is in my lap. We are going to bring her for a visit so everyone can see her now without the cherry eye. She looks like a whole new dog. She is great and we love her thank you for letting us adopt her.

Message From: Kelly Cumpian September 7, 2010
Keep up the GREAT WORK!! I am a avid Animal lover, mother of 2 dogs, 3 cats,and a horse. And currently babysitting my GrandDogger "Chico". I have been helping thru Save a dog and I love SALLY, the pointerX..I so want her!! I would love to stop and see her, but I know I wouldn't leave without her. I pass by twice a day 5days a week. Love the work ya'll are doing and the concernd dedication that you SPCA does!!!!!

Message From: Sheila July 16, 2010
Great website, Kenya! Keep up the good work!

Message From: Eric and Tara July 12, 2010
Hey everyone!!! Gizza's foster parent's (hopefully we can become his real mom and dad before long!!!) giving a hollor out!!! We just want to let the organization know we love ALL of you for the loving work and rescue that you do for these wonderful animals that get such rotten deals for no reason!! This is one of the best organizations for Mother Natures children when they need help and we both are firm belivers in proper care for animals and sometimes I get so heartsick I just cry because I know what happens to so many of them out there! We are so glad that at least they have all of you to look out for them and rescue them, and try to find them good homes where they can be members of a loving family!!! You are all true hero's to us and fight a worth while battle that needs to be fought every day!!! Blessed Be to you all and you families!!!! Eric, Tara, and Giza (He is having fun!!!)

Message From: michelle March 30, 2010
Thanks for letting me foster (so to speak) Rupert.

Message From: Michelle February 8, 2010
This is by far the best organization around; run by caring and dedicated people with big hearts. I have adopted my dog and cat through Kenya and she has been a blessing to stay in contact with over the years. Thanks for all your hard work, you're very much appreciated.

Message From: Lil February 2, 2010
We recently adopted Bamboo and we just love her. She is so smart. We are very thankful to her foster mom for training her to sit and to go into her crate when needed (only on nights with freezing temps). Thanks for the hard work you guys are doing.

Message From: (Private) January 19, 2010
Thank you for all you are doing to help the homeless pets in Montgomery County.

Message From: (Private) January 19, 2010
Love to look at your pet pictures.

Message From: Kenya August 18, 2009
I think this will be a great website and make it better for all of us that volunteer and foster to keep up with every thing.

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